Property Error (bug?)

I can’t give too much detail on this, as I am in mobile, (and the game is a secret) So I have a player-scope property, when you enter a zone, a repeater stars -1 it, when it is at 0 something happens, that works perfectly fine, but when the property = 0 , it sets it to 0 for all

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That is strange, I would consider this a bug for the moment until a code genius gets online. But this should not happen normally.

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I really needed this for gim jam :frowning: Can you think of a solution?

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I can try, so are you using normall proerties or persudo.

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and can you send me some picks of were you think the bug is happening.

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The property device, I have it displayed in a text device, it’s called “breath” step in water, “breath goes down per second, when it reaches 0 you go back to land, and breath stays at 0, player scoped, but instead, breath just teleports to 0 when 1 player runs out

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I’m on mobile but as soon as I can, I will

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Ok so You would most likely need to add zones to were you spawn when you run out of air, and when zone activates, new property triggers, and it adds air. and s=do the same for when you go down in the water, just it loses air. And make sure it is based on a timer.

@WolfTechnology this is a very easy system, but for some reason it won’t work

I have a repeater when you enter water (zone) and it -1s the property until 0, then stops, then you teleport back, the air stays at 0 (intentionally) it is player scope, but the property is set to 0 globally

sigh I am trying to figure this out as i help you, I know almost no devices but the basics. And i think you should set the scope back to player, at all times. global might be the issue.

Oh right, I forgot that you are better at art than mechanics! I’ll try setting it to global, then player again

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Yeah thats me, the art guy. But Yeah that is what i see could be a issue, different scopes.


So its still not working… sorry, I am not good at this.

No :frowning: maybe I have to make a 1 person game…

Only solution I have for this is to move add like 10000000 to it and subtract that number from the property when using it.

Here is @getrithekd he would know, sorry that i was no use to you.

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It’s ok! I suck at art! Maybe you just aren’t good at devices