Property checker

I am trying to make a loudout battler, and the game starts as soon as all players are in a zone, but I cant make it work. does anyone have any ideas?

connect a counter to a zone, and then make it target number on checker, once target is reached, send a single to start game, I think, I’m not the brightest tho

Make a player counter, and when the max players are in the zone, it starts.

Use the live player counter and make that counter update a property, then wire the zone to a second counter and make that counter update a second property. Now wire a lifecycle to a repeating trigger, and make that trigger check in the first property equals the second, then make it broadcast on a channel to start the game.
Do you need an image for the block code?

Have a zone wired to a counter with the target value of how many players are needed. Then wire the counter to whatever your using to start the game like a teleporter.

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