Problems with tasks

So I’ve been looking through some among us guides for the tasks and some for how to make security cameras. The problem is: they teleport the crew mate so they can’t be killed by the imposter. How can I get around this?

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How do they teleport the crewmate? Please explain further.

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Here is some of the tasks and other stuff.

None of my tasks have teleport so i assume you could just use different tasks.

Is this the guide you used @WhereIsMyHat?

Currently, you can’t display an area on screen but you could use pixel-art and zones to see if players go in the room, you wouldn’t see the names though.
I wouldn’t say this is impossible but definitely very very tedious.

Like the wire task for instance has to teleport you so you can connect the wires.

The wire task can be adapted without teleport but asteroid cannot.

Um… then I’m useless. I am very bad at among us maps/anything that is not battle royale. Sorry, but good luck with solving the problem!

I added a bit for that.

That’s okay. My main skill lies in art to be honest.

You could have vents physically linking every task and room, and barriers activating for every player but the imposter, so they can just walk wherever, including security.


Okay I’ll test that out soon.

My guide has a button for the impostor to teleport the player back.

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I’ll try that thanks.

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