Private game for duels?

If any one you play MvS duels on roblox you know how you can duel people?

how do i make that in gimkit?

I tried to use a counter when target reached teleport here but only the last person who when in got teleported…


What is MvS? Also don’t use dev powers to cheat.

and zone…

Murder vs sheriff

it ok that was just for people to help lol

here is screenshot…

Relay a random player to the arena and set a property to that player’s name, use another relay and check if their name is equal to the property, and if not relay them again. If yes, re-relay them.

where player in zone minus on counter when exit zone add on counter if target reached teleport to telaporter

wait what… i dont under stand

Try using a zone that detects when at least two people are in the zone, and then when it reaches the target of two or more, activates another zone that has a target of 1 player, and then use the relay to teleport the last player out?

I think I might know what you are talking about. Make a player counter. Make the counter track a property. Connect a lifecycle set to player knocked out to a trigger with this block code:

Make sure you place a property device for the counter’s property and set it to a number property.

umm… i can try… but i also want to do 4 v 4 as well

umm i think you misunderstood

Wait so you’re making it so when two people are in a zone the duel happens?

wait just how do you tellaport every person in a zone to a place?

i only need that

no they go to a differnt place to duel

Use relays.

idk what relays are lol

and how?

Relays essentially transform a wire pulse and a signal for one person and instead transmit it on the behalf of everyone instead of one person. Or the selected group.

Connect the zone to a counter that tracks a property. Make sure to make the property a number property using a property device and its scope is set to player. Also make sure the counter’s scope is set to player. Make the zone increment the counter. When you need to trigger the duel, connect whatever triggers it to a trigger with this block code: