PRESS START (update #1)

I am releasing a series of Video Game-themed Gimkit Creative modes. I’m calling it, “PRESS START”. I’ve already made 2 games: Kirby’s Dream Gimkit and New Super Mario Bros. Gimkit. Here are a list of Gimkit Creative modes I made/want to make:

-Kirby’s Dream Gimkit (finished)

-New Super Mario Bros. Gimkit (finished)

-Sonic and the Gimstar Islands (in development)

-Metroid: Gimkit Edition (construction has not started)

-Pokemon: Gim & Pokemon: Kit (construction has not started, need ideas)

-The Legend of Zelda: Gims of the Wild (construction has not started)

Also, what do you think of this thumbnail I made for the collection?

Anyway, if you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know. These must be finished by Sep 12, 2024, which is National Video Game Day in the United States.


Reposting isn’t allowed. Isn’t this the 3rd one?
Gimkit Creative is about being CREATIVE so get creative with ideas!
If you have ideas block look around at some idea catalogs…

This is kinda advertising…

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At least there aren’t anymore links
dee_show was getting grilled about that before

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The thumbnail is great! I really love it! But, I think you can’t allow game characters from any kind, since for copyright reasons. Maybe make the Gims the characters? Like, draw Gims that specifically look like Link, Mario, Samus, etc.

Does this not fit right with anyone else? Am I the only one that thinks this is off setting for some reason?

What do you mean?

Like something doesn’t sit right with me, like in horror movies and they get that “SOMETHINGS WRONG U R A GONER BRUH” feeling? I might just be weird.

@Dee_Show DUDE INSTEAD OF Pokemon Gimkit Edition, IT SHOULD BE Pokemon Gim and Pokemon Kit!

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Why did you repost again?
I get about the last repost, but reposting more and more just makes clutter. And no one likes it.

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Thank you.
TOGG - That’s a genius name(s) right there

But this is fanmade, so I’m not breaking any copyright rules.

(Sorry I replied the wrong guy)

I’m asking for ideas, so it’s not advertising

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Yeah, but the characters from Nintendo are obviously trademarked because they are well known and are intellectual property. Nintendo would not want anyone to come and make a game on their characters and make money off of that without consent. Idk for your case though.

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Not just copyright only. This is Nintendo we are talking about :skull:

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I’m not making money off of this tho

I guess so. I’ll try to be more careful.

Sorry, I didn’t know you can edit your posts.

Um…that sounded ominous…

But still you need their permission. Not that many people really care, I’ve seen some games called Mario platformer.