Post-Game Additions

What they are and how to use them

Randomizers give something a percent chance of something happening (aka. 40% of getting a gray fish, 30% of getting a red fish, etc.) You can use them by:

  1. Add a trigger
  2. Go to the blocks
  3. Look in the numbers section.
  4. Set a number property to random integer.
  5. Make an if-do block, broadcasting on a channel based on the number or range of numbers your number property is set to.
  6. Receiving on that channel, maybe grant the player an item, or teleport them somewhere.
Why they are helpful to put into games

Randomizers give your player that unpredictable vibe, the knowledge that the result will be different every time, and a whole lot of fun! They appeal to the player’s adventurous instincts, and have however many possibilities you set.


Fishtopia Main Island Without Expert Rod:
Screenshot 2024-04-24 122243
This shows that there is a 70% chance of a Gray Fish, 15% chance of a Green Fish, 10% chance of a Red Fish, and 5% chance of a Blue Fish.

That is the randomizer.

Shops or Merchants
What they are and how to use them

Shops and merchants give you the ability to purchase objects for cash, or you can trade one material for another. For shops, you can just put a few vending machines down and edit. For making merchants, use this guide

Why they are helpful to put into games

Shops and merchants give your player something to work towards. You can make a build where you’re gathering resources to trade in for another resource. You can have a merchant randomly spawn with a special offer. Whatever it is that you plan to do for your game, commerce will most definitely be a important factor.


Farmchain: Wheat seeds sold for $25. Tag Domination: Speed Upgrade for 8,500 energy. You are trading a currency(dealers choice) for something that will be useful later on or an essential upgrade aiding in winning the game.

Those are the shops/merchants.

Interactive Storyline
What they are and how to use them

When you implement interactive storylines into your game, there is a subsequent use of choices spreading throughout the game which will affect your success in one way or another. You can create these by making a game overlay with two or more choices. This may be the best, but if you have any better ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Why they are helpful to put into games

Interactives will stimulate the player’s common sense skills and put them in full control of the process. They will want to see what happens in the endings. They come back for more, because there will always be a new possibility springing up.


You are trying to choose between two platforms. You decide to jump on the first one, but you fall right through it! Maybe the second one was the best choice, or there was a surprise third platform! Who knows? Choices matter.

That is the interactive storyline.

Feel free to give constructive criticism or push forward new ideas! I hope this guide was useful to you!


Good guide but remember, [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful! :smile:

GKCGOAT, I see how this can be useful to players but there have already been guides on randomizers, merchants, and lore.

before you post a guide:

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