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Would this just be considered an alt? @WolfTechnology? someone please help.

I would recommend messaging the mods instead of making this. It’s off-topic, so I would recommend marking a solution to close it.

If you can prove that you are the own of the @Ethankelty13 account to jeffo he can give you the password to it, admins can view all of that. And you would be fine as long as it is a situation like this and when you get access, delete this account.

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Idk, I don’t think if you made the acc BEFORE the other got banned, I don’t think this will be beanned for evasion. I’m not a mod or anything, just a theory.

How do i do that?

They were last seen two days ago, but this account was made 4 days ago.

You click the more button. and then click the group button, then click moderator group, and them message.

Click @Jeffo name and click the moderator group. There will be a button to message them there.

Please don’t ping him, just say jeffo, you can get banned for taking up to much if his time.

How do you recomend proving that i own the account if i dont have the password?

facts about it, possible passwords, or jeffo can just look at the ip of this and the other acount. Pretty simple.

Your ip address.

Maybe try to message a mod with the email you used to make that account? idrk :frowning:

You know the date it was made? Maybe that would work.

Ok bro :skull:.

No you can see that, it needs to be the email, or ip.

Anyone can check that.

ok. so i just message @Jeffo and ask him to delete the other account?

Sorry I didn’t know that

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