Possible or Gimpossible?

Is it possible to check what player on a team has most cash and then place that as an overlay?

How much money are you making in your game? In the hundreds, the thousands, the millions, or the billions?

Well in my game the players can get a total of…I have no idea actually…It’s a clicker game so they can get maybe infinity?

you could use a number property and in blocks theres probably way to find who has the most of a property (or using checkers/iventory item managers) and make an overylay for every player, showing oonly if they are the one with the most money? you’ll probably need to ask @Blackhole927 for help with this

I tried to use blocks but I couldn’t figure out a way…and also there are no blocks to check that. Plus, if I make a overlay for all of them then and show it only if they’re the best then no one besides that player would know.

if you could get the part that finds out who has the most then you could do an overlay button that says [triggering players name]'s cash:[Get property cash] and the triggering player would be the one with the most cash
I just can’t figure out how to make them the triggering player…

I think something to do with relays. Let me think hard.

I did try that but that was the same issue I got stuck on…

So add a team scoped money property, and a player scoped money property, you’ll have to a property scope-conversion, which I’ll probably put in my to do list

I don’t understand how this could help me track the player with the most cash…

Use IIM to store cash in player scope property

Relay for all players on specific team, have the relay trigger some block code that checks if the player’s cash property is greater than the highest, if it is, set the highest to that, otherwise do nothing.


Ok I’ll check that right now! Thanks!

(Also I ran out of likes…so I’ll like this later)

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I would set the highest to some random number right?

To 0.

Oh got it. Thanks!

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