Possible 3D with raycasting?

It would take a lot of memory, but I think 3d would be possible with raycasting and text overlays. I wanna see how this would be implemented in Gimkit too tbh. Even pseudo-3d would be cool.


the most you could make with this is probably just a cube, since this would be VERY memory heavy

i just thought of making bad apple in gimkit creative thanks

your welcome, gl bro

If you want information then here:

I think this would be classified as 2.5D.

i didn’t say i’d DO it, i said i just thought of it

to have 3D it needs to look 3D, which means it has a shadow, shading, a top, and at least one side(right or left) it if has a shadow and shading, and even a top, its only considered 2.5D.

What is raycasting and 2.5D? Sorry for the off topicness, I just want to know!

Ray casting - Wikipedia.
2.5D - Wikipedia
Here there is some stuff about them @Dark_Hydra

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Thanks! That makes sense!

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