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So i wanted to make a pop-up shop to sell different kinds of weapons (I want to have many), so I wanted to have a trigger to open the shop, i wanted to have the first pop-up give 2 options “weapons” and “upgrades” and then after i press one of them they will bring me to a different pop-up for weapon or upgrades (depending on which one i press) and from there i can buy the upgrade, is this possible and if so how?

Yes, you can go to channels depending on which you want: primary and secondary callouts.

Like this?

Screenshot 2024-02-27 9.40.39 AM
Screenshot 2024-02-27 9.40.31 AM
Pop-up setting: Channel

so i see that picture, but not sure what to do about the part to buy things

Use the call to actions, ( only 2 per pop-up ) and makeit to where depending on which button they click, purchase certain items.

ok um, so how can i do if one of the call to action buttons are pressed then a different pop-up appears with another 2 options then from there they can buy?

you need channels make the new popup open on the call to action channel

Yea it can work like that. Use the channels for which button, and when it closes it can open another popup

can you tell me how, im kinda new lol

Use the call to action 1 to sell your weapons, so wire that popup to a weapon granter: Primary call of action clicked - Grant weapon.

Then make a secondary call to action that says next, connect that popup to a second popup that has the next weapon:Secondary call to action clicked - Open popup. Repeat for as many weapons you have.

It should look something like this (Depending on the amount of weapons you want to sell, one popup for each weapon.)
Screenshot 2024-02-27 9.55.49 AM

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You just link a bunch of popups.

Popup 1 call to action #1: (called whatever you want)

  • When clicked, buy item one
    Popup 1 call to action #2: (called something like next page)
  • When clicked, activate popup 2

It might be easier to make a bunch of crafting tables around the map so you can craft a new weapon or item, and for boosts and stuff it checks if you have the item.

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