Poll for space thumbnail

Which thumbnail should I use?

  • The First one!
  • The Second one!
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To the people that didn’t get used: Don’t worry yours was great! But these are the two that I liked the most. You all did amazing and don’t forget you are all great artists!

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I’m so sorry! I never got to make your thumbnail. :frowning:

oh its fine I thought you did tho?

I did? Hmmmmm…maybe…which one?

wasn’t it this one?


lol you did great! :ok_hand:

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thanks! off-topic warning: can we be friends?

i mean sure i guess ya that’d be fun

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yay! please don’t flag me

no i wont here let me invite you to a padlet im at

cool! and thanks for not flaging

oops. flagging* lol that’s what I ment

but you need perms to interact don’t worry i got that covered

how do I chat? Idk how

Uhh can I go into the pallet. Do I need a perm?

Idk where @BellaIscool.com went

Next time consider making thumbnail polls in your original topic instead of making another topic.

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srry im back you need perms to do it