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Can you go ask because I want to enter too? Could not say the word j0in

sure but this is a voting topic yk

ok…how to I get perms?

i have to ask a mod one sec

whats ur padlet username?

SilverCat11 is my username

@ANYTHING_EVAN whats ur padlet username?

will it work now? can I chat?

wait i gotta get someone attention

i’m watching you type in the padlet lol

it’s fine if I can’t j0in. I have a chat pallet too

no the admin said he’ll try to let u in

Oh yea i already did. :slight_smile:

My gimkit creative user name

hey, I’m making a chat too. how do I make that chat box thingy?

nvm! I found out how

Did you ask yet??? :sob:

hello? you wanna chat on my padlet?

you can chat on mine! :slight_smile:

srry i will in a sec.