Pokemon map building!

Hello! I need your opinion on my Pokemon map! I am recreating the entirety of Pokemon Red in gimkit creative! Any tips?

rayquaza!. i’m not sure if your building the legendaries but if you are boom rayquaza.

I’m not sure how I would add in battles, but i’ll keep it in mind! Thanks!

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I have made a turn-based rpg system. Would you like me to make a guide on that?

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yes please! Thank you!

I’ll work on it, it won’t show up until a lot later though due to school.

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can get the link for that one

Update! Pallet Town is done!

What do you think?


I don’t play so I can’t judge accuracy…
But I like the look! Keep working!
Maybe add friendly sentry NPCs?

how would I make them passive?

use an item granter to take away there wepon or zone with gadget fire off then you can make a zone to put a string of popups with dialouge.

Is it ok if I make it, when it is the weekend, I’ll be done, I’m about halfway done! Please?

sure :smiley: That will work

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Sorry, I meant it to @NavyCatZ bit if I can I will!

I would just put the sentries on the same team as you.

We can both do it, but I’ll do it first. You can post if of your method is different than mine

Ok, do you have an idea when you will do it?

What’s this that you’re about to make?

I’ll start in it in an hour and a half or two hours

A guide to make a turn based rpg