Point capture trying to make game

is there a way to make a point capture game so when people go in a place their team gets points and most points wins.
if anyone knows it would be helpful
or if not just say no

So first to make that happen you need to get a zone and wire it up to a text. then you click on the text and go to the blocks tab and create a point system after that you create your map and make the room with the zone where you get the points which will make you finish the map and be able to play this game with friends ( If you have any)

Also, @Pacifistic-helper100 what is that name???

Nah there is no way you copied me

Just become creative and make up your own name







He changed his name when he saw my one and just became a ripoff

Who do you think came first?

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Can you even do that? I didn’t think that was a feature…
(…also, this is getting needlessly off-topic, so I’m probably just going to leave it at that)


Fine as you guys think I’m the ripoff I will change my name

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No, I need more ideas on what games I can make so if you know can you plz tell me thanks.

welcome to the community @Gimgamer!

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