Plz help it's about team switching

Ok, so make a property. If 0, that means its not captured. Add +1 to it when flag captured. If property =1, make it so if a player dies, and their team number is the team that’s flag gets captured, teleport them to a specific place.

Will have to use block code.

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I can do some block code for you, (Pictures) If you need it.

knockout manager plus team switcher.

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Nah. You just need a life cycle. No knockout manager.

The materials are… Lifecycle, Trigger, flag, property, and teleporter.

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That would be nice please do it


why not it is easier

I just prefer a life cycle. But a knockout manager can do too.

(Pictures coming right up!)

What will I have to do this in?

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Just wait. But here’s the first step, here’s what your materials are.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 4.41.33 PM

Use a lifecycle instead.


I mean, a life cycle is worst memory wise, but better for the specifics. And that’s what I like.

Step 2, change that property.

Make knockout manager broadcast a channel when player is knocked.

Make so when capturing flag, make it transmit a channel that triggers a trigger.

I tried that already

He wants it so when a flag is captured keyword, it then does that.

Actually, I got a way faster way. Let me do tinkering. Give me like 10 mins tops.

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