Plz help it's about team switching

Actually, I got a way faster way. Let me do tinkering. Give me like 10 mins tops.

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Ok doing that right now


Screenshot 2024-03-11 4.47.39 PM

Make the knockout manager not activate on game start. Then make it so when the flag is captured, it activates the manager. Then, make the manager transmit a channel that triggers a trigger. Then copy the block code for the trigger.

Actually, by team name, I mean like number.

Then, make a teleporter at your specific place. Make it teleport the player when receiving the channel your trigger broadcasted. Make sure to do it unique for both teams.


See if that works. I’m pretty sure it does. Ping me like this, @Txme_Lxss if it doesn’t work, and I can fix it.

Anyways, I’m gonna head off now. I’ll check later for me today. Very confident it works.

can I invite you to my map so you see if I did it right? @Txme_Lxss

No. That’s a big no-no. Don’t post a code here, but on the wix or the Padlet. It would get flagged instantly.

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1, codes not allowed.
2. Open another tab to test.

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