Pls help with my stuff

can someone help give me info on how to activate lasers in 5 seconds after closing a pop-up?

Welcome to the forums @gimbotato5689 remember to read the:
Maybe try:
How to make a "moving" poison fog [🟨]

i actually just did that today!


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try to just put all of that into one post
also it wasn’t alternating lasers

this was helpful, and I am very thankful. I have not done it yet because I am on a time crunch. it is a game called "it lurks’'.

Ok, so wire your pop up to a trigger. Make the wire when pop up closed, trigger.

Make the trigger have a delay of 5 seconds, then make it transmit a channel that activates the lasers.

Hopefully this helps!

Np happy to help

thanks!!! this might help if I do it!!!

i said practically the same thing but first and using less memory… but ok it doesn’t matter

what do I do if this doesn’t work?

never mind it worked:)

thank u guys, this all helped out a ton
:slight_smile: <3

or use a laser beam manager device…

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