Please need help

Ohh, use a link directly inside, here I’ll give you one.

Don’t ask why it is Karl’s profile

no not the wix the pic that mysz sent

so anybody going to do it ugg nvermind

I have arrived fashionably late :sunglasses:


Lol, anyways what do you think? I made a guide on a castle and added some things and tweaked somethings in the version I used in my game:


Looks great! But, uh- …what happened to your gim?

It’s a funny glitch today, some gims are broken


I need to see if I can get this glitch

Some gims are gglitched so try switching trhough ur gims.

well that was easy


What… the legs are on the side, and the other side is a cookie

idk but that is great gimpossible but 1 thing can u walk on top if it???

If you want that, you can place barriers surrounding the top walkway, but make sure they don’t overlap the bottom walkway. Place two barriers on the sides of the bottom walkway. Place two barriers above and below that same walkway, but make sure they are inactive on game start. Connect a zone at the area where you can access the top to the barriers at the side of the bottom walkway to deactivate them. Also make it activate the zones at the top and bottom of the bottom walkway. Connect another zone that is before the previous zone (so when exiting, the player would pass through the previous zone first then the new one) to the barriers. Their settings should be opposite of the previous barrier’s wire settings.


I am still active, I was on fall break. But is there something I can still help on?


@Chumbucket, please mark a solution!

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yes u can if u want too anyway try and simplify what navy is saying also i want the walls to be destryoable so that people can charge in :slight_smile: hard stuff indeed

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If you want them to be destroyed, there’s a setting for that… but only for the props i think.

yes but nervermind its hard to explain u have too have lots of zones and all this stuff and i want to be able too walk on it and for it to be destroyed and there will be towers and ya just a lot of stuff hard to explain

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no its not to hard place one prop on layer “under” so its under players and turn off its collision, then place another of the same prop and have it on the normal layer and leave its collision on, but go into its settings and add the ammount of health you want it to have.

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