Please need help

k so i am building a castle right if anybody would be kind enough would they build a 3d wall u can run on but it still seems above others

You’re not allowed to post game codes here @Chumbucket

I can help u from the wix pm me

If @wolftechnology or @Lolo are still active, then yes, they can help. Don’t refuse help from anyone else though!

:frowning: guess I’m out then…

Sorry for forgetting about you. Wolf mainly does design, and Lolo is just the Gimkit version of a Renaissance man.

Ik, I just don’t do art guides very often, but don’t count anyone out when suggesting. I personally dislike when people say to ask a certain group or person, as it diminishes the fact that anyone can help, even new users.
I am also unusually good at layers.


I get what you’re saying, but I think that suggesting experts in the field is still a good idea, even if anyone can help. It just increases the chance of the correct answer being found faster.

Yes, but you said if they are active you have people. Merely suggesting some experts is different then discounting others if experts are not there.

Saying this implies that they are the only people who can help.

Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you (or anyone else besides Navy, but she’s a polymath) was good at design! Sorry!

It’s fine, but I personally think we can learn from anyone. Each person is unique in their own way, and has something valuable to contribute. Look at all the new users who are posting so much guides! I personally learn things every day, even outside of GKC.


Wait, so like something like this?

Hey, I make a lot of design! In fact, I have really, really, good design skills!

yes i wanted a wall yes i also know its not allowed to put codes here so i was going to ask u guys to make it in your gimkit then send a screen shot so then i m not breaking rules

it says it does not work there is nothing threre

Ohh, use a link directly inside, here I’ll give you one.

Don’t ask why it is Karl’s profile

no not the wix the pic that mysz sent

so anybody going to do it ugg nvermind

I have arrived fashionably late :sunglasses:


Lol, anyways what do you think? I made a guide on a castle and added some things and tweaked somethings in the version I used in my game: