Please I need help on a waypoint tracking a player!

I’m making a special role in mrdr mystery where the admin can track the mrdr but I don’t know how to make the waypoint track the mrdr.


do the different roles have different set spawns? or how does the role system work?

Yes the roles have different spawns. The role system is based on how many players there are. The sheriff and mrdr will always be a role because you need at least 2 players. Everything else is random.

I have to go. Please leave your message and wait for me until tomorrow.

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Give the mrdrr an item. Have a relay trigger a checker that will check (for all players) if they have the item. If so, activate the waypoint for them.

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add on: also have a relay set to the team the role-less players are on and hide the waypoint for them.

set the waypoint settings to: target: location of player, name: murder3r (e instead of 3).
get a relay set to specific team, if the normal players are all on the same team, and the team is the one the normal players are on.
lastly, a trigger with a maximum trigger of 1, global scope, and is set on the murder3r’s spawn pad.
wires: [trigger triggered → activate waypoint] [trigger triggered → trigger relay. relay triggered → deactivate waypoint]


Which player does the waypoint track? You can’t make it track something in the wires.

To be honest I’m am very confused.

It tracks the player that triggers the waypoint as long as you don’t use a relay.

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Oh. I’ll try it out! Thanks for the tip.

I have a question. In the wires, it only says activate waypoint instead of track player who steps on trigger

When I step on the trigger, I should be able to see the waypoint. But, the waypoint doesn’t know which player to track. How does the waypoint track a certain player?

I’m pretty sure that’s only for guides…
Tehebest823: When you step on the trigger the waypoint should be seen by other players

But it’s only supposed to be seen by one player. Plus I don’t know which player the waypoint tracks.

that’s why there is a relay. to hide the waypoint from other players that aren’t admin

But which player does the waypoint track?

admin has lifecycle.

On game start, then it does a relay to everyone and shows a waypoint.

Make it go to a checker though, and only if the check passes, (use an item only the murd has, if not any, give him one) then track the player.

Try this , and all i can say is that the way point on a player tracks the player with an arrow and everyone else can see it except that player, and it will lead you to them. And to do so you must place a waypoint device and change it to track “player”.