Please Help with RPG

Does anyone know how to make a system where in the start of the game, everyone gets a role, no matter the amount of players, but no matter the amount of players two roles are nesscary

two words
:sparkles: block :sparkles: code :sparkles:

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ga me code don't look (do actually though)

bro why would you look also
pet the pickachu :smiley:

Make a live player counter. Have a true/false property for every extra/unnecessary role. For every extra player set one of those properties to true.

My fault, sorry! I won’t do it next time.

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five words: New to gimkit and code

there is no code, and code block code lemme do smth real quick:

Screenshot 2024-05-08 8.58.18 PM
here I hope this helps aaaaaaa

That code won’t exactly work, here, let me pull something together


Thank you so much!!!

I have some comments/questions:

  1. instead of a 2nd else if shouldn’t you just use else?
  2. This means multiple of a role can be chosen…
  3. is this supposed to be a murders mystery game?
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@Cellofive @Kosm0-o I s aiki uk at block code (which is ironic as Im quite good on scratch) forgive me

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ikr. The difference is that there are pre-set devices with block code and other mechanisms that makes Gimkit Creative WAY different from scratch


Yes, this is a murde.r mystery game. But, can you just show me the block code if possible? Sorry, I’m a visual learner!

yeah thats the major drawback of block coOQpEFJI){WAEHSpdiSHUFJHP(uOHAORPKSHPOLSKDbfueOIHKLFADSHoILKJOIOFAhfdpohaode

why is your keyboard like that?

I dsaikik’ied but used a totem of undying :grinning:

why do you keep putting Saiki K randomly…? is it a keyboard thing or a Saiki K reference thing?

gimkit blocked some words but I just find It funny seeing how its one of my favorite animes

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