Please help I need ideas for my map

so in the first part, you run through a space ship then you reach the end and you are teleported to a planet overrun by plants in the first part it was just a bunch of sentries and in this 2nd part need to be harder what should I add i also want secret passages please help :slight_smile:

So one way out? To make it harder, you should add faster and more accurate sentrys. You could make a secret passage way by turning the collision off of props.

Use circle barriers for the planets and search infected or infested in the props section.
You’ll see a lot of props infected or infested by plants.

kinda like one way out ya but better and I want it to be LOT more confusing

Make an invisible maze with the same type of floor and wall tiles.

ok i could do that but is it possible to make actual timed lasers like in real one way out?

Maybe add a door unlocked by a password.
Here are some more ideas and suggestions for your map:

  • trolls

  • npcs/merchants

  • add lootboxes/shootable crates

  • add a story and lore

  • add knockouts and question streaks to reward players

  • add lots of props and decorations

  • don’t forget to layer terrain

  • a room called “the lab” where the plants are being experimented on


Yes you can do this with a laser manger.

thanks bro :slight_smile: gracias

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thank u guys apperciat it

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probably but you never know if someone will say something more that i like so i will probably wait a while longer no problem

here’s my infinite list of map ideas.

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