Please give me ideas for a map

I need to add something to my Halloween based map

Plz help and do not post codes, put irrelevant stuff or else we will be flagged

halloween is a good place to look.

Ok thanks @CassiusDoomlorde!

Wow there’s a ton of stuff, I will look at it later

Make Some absolutely terrifying sentries that follow you the more you move or evil clowns that pop out at you or popup jumpscares

Ok ok good good, keep it up.

I’m not sure if you’ve already added something like this, but it would be really cool if you added a cursed circus where the ringmaster is actually a disgusting monster lol

give him a pimple on his nose thats all you need XD

Ooooh I like that, even tho I may not be able to add it because I am not a very experience gimkit builder

But anything easier?

A sentry used with this guide and just use a very wierd eye emoj for his eyes
How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

Thanks for the guide!

It was also recently announced by Josh that in a coming update, you will be able to put any owned cosmetic on a sentry.


THAT WAS MY idea WOW i had suggested that on email!

FINALLY (I’ve been needing this for one of my games)

Wait a minute–is this the same spamming user?
You’ve made 5 posts like this already!

Guys you are getting off topic, stay focused!

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for the record, try to look up guides before you make a post so you don’t get flagged

I am trying to make them stop getting of topic right now, but help me because you are off topic!!!