Please Dont Respond

Ok, Thank you for making me a thumbnail.

Please don’t ask people to make thumbnails

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Wait, this was PUBLIC???

Did you mean to post this in a reply?

(if you did I feel so bad for you xd)

You can always delete the post

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Yea its public…

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No, it was meant to be a private message…

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I think he wanted to post this in a PM.

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You can’t do that on this

Private messages are disabled on this forum.

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I don’t think there are PMs

Not possible on this.

It said that i had commented 3 times and that i could private message…
Oh my lord, i am so embarased…

Nah they disabled it

I feel embarrassed for you-
Dont forget you can just delete the topic though!

I already tried…
It didnt work.
Im freaking out…
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did this happen!

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They need to get rid of that notification!

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No worries. You can close it.

shshshshshhhh my child its okay
no one is mad at you for posting this
its not embarrassing because everyone is understanding here
just forget about this and move on with your day

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I know, I was just saying that I think that’s what they meant to do.