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Does anyone know the exact steps to reproduce this forum bug where it says “You replied to this person 3 times, did you know you can send them a personal message instead?” , because I want to report this issue to Discourse Meta as it’s creating topics that should not be created in the Gimkit Creative Forum.

I want to report this bug to Discourse Meta, as it’s the forum that deals with those kinds of forum bugs, but I need a reproduction for it

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you just reply to someone 3 times in one topic

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you just reply to them like with the reply on their icon 3 times I think.


In the discourse meta bug reporting guide, it says to write a good bug report, I needed the reproduction steps.

Reproducible steps : A bug report should be reproducible, ensure you can repro it multiple times in a row. A seemingly random bug report could be acceptable if you can still repro it fairly often, let’s say at least one time out of ten. In this case, your report should be even more detailed.

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