Player Tracking Radar

hey mysz thank you for that tip and if you have any ideas then I will take them from you too, thank you clicclac to for that game idea, and i was wondering if you have anymore ideas either, thank you.

I was wondering about pretty much everything besides building and decorating, also thank you blackhole927 for reminding me of that.

I will not check on you answers for a while because I will shut my computer and leave for a while.

Well it depends on what games you want to recreate.

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Do you want to figure out how to make pac man? Or something else?

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I’m taking that like as a yes then. First, you must make it so there is only one pac man. Use this guide for that.

(Tell me if you would like to limit the number of ghosts to a certain amount)

Then, place a tag zone so the team the ghosts are on can tag (in this case team 1.)

Use teleporters for the “gaps” that Pac-Man can go through at the sides.

For the power pellets, place a trigger. Make sure it isn’t visible and only team 2 can trigger it. Make sure it can trigger from player collision. You can place a text box with a large circle emoji over a trigger to indicate the location of the pellet. Make the trigger deactivate the current tag zone, activate a new tag zone so team 2 can tag, hide the text, and trigger two wire repeaters when a player steps on them. For one wire repeater, make it so it has a delay of 10 seconds. Make the wire repeater trigger activate the old tag zone and deactivate the new one. For the other one, make sure it doesn’t have a delay and make it deactivate the trigger.

For the points, make a heck lot of triggers like the one that was used for the power pellet except it just grants snowballs. Make sure you still have it trigger a wire repeater that deactivates it and hides the text. You can have a cherry in the middle that grants snowballs, or connect pac man’s tag zone to an item granter so that when you tag a player the item is granted.

I’m explaining this assuming you are pretty comfortable with Gimkit Creative because it would take a lot longer to explain it to a beginner. Tell me if you need further help.

(FYI it’s better to make a separate post asking for help on game ideas as it’s off topic for this post and not as many people will find it.)

Can someone remove the resolved tag from here though? The current explanation does not work at the moment.

Yes, that would be fun, can you make multiple games in one game? Because I didn’t know what you meant when you said make an arcade. NavyCatZ and if sometime you can plau with me to help me build it that would be fun to if you want.

You can make it so there’s a special spawn pad (look in its settings) where only the host can spawn, and in that area, the host can choose the arcade games. You would have to replace the game start lifecycles with whatever triggers the game, like a button. Make it so the button is connected to a relay set to all players and is connected to a teleporter that takes you to the game area.

I cant even log in or sign up on gimkit even though I have an acount.

can you help me plz navycat

What happens when you try to log in?

it says wrong password

Are you able to reset your password?

yes i made a new account but I had a really good world i was building and I cant get into that world

or log into that account

Did you try resetting your password?

i cant since im in a new account

You might have logged in via a google account. Try pressing the continue with google button if you did.

If not, sorry, there’s not much I can do to help you. You can try contacting Josh.

OHHH yeh i reset my account password as you said and it worked…Thank you