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This is a guide I made for @Penguin101 for his Gimong-Us game. This is a more difficult system and I caution beginners. This player Sorter is divided into three parts: the team prep, the sorter, and the re-team. The team prep is used to move all players onto a separate unaffiliated team but give those players an item to keep track of their original team. The sorter is the part of the system that actually does the sorting. Finally, the re-team will return players to their original teams.

Team Prep

The Team Prep system is designed to allow the system to handle different teams this part is not necessary if it is co-op and even though it could be adapted to free for all, it would be very hard and complicated.
2 Team
Resources: 2 relays, 1 Item Granter, 1 Trigger, 1 Wire Repeater, 1 Team Switcher.
3 Team

Resources: +1 Wire Repeater, +1 Item Granter, +1 Relay.

  • Trigger- The trigger is what will start the entire system, by putting the channel you will have triggering the system in this box it will start the sorter.

  • Item Granter- The item granted will grant an item to the second team so they can be switched back later. The Item Dosen’t matter as long as it’s not one any other player will have.

  • Wire Repeater- All the wire repeater dose is provide enough buffer time for everyone on team two to get their item.


The sorter is the hero of this machine and dose most of the grunt work by placing each player in a separate space. This design is completely tileable and can have sort any number of players but would take awhile to do so. I this guide I am only using eight players but again you can use more. The concrete boxes are just used as a holding cell and can be customized as you like. Also each Repeater-Relay-Repeater-Teleporter chains are the exact same and can be duplicated for as many players as you want to sort. The wire repeaters at the top are connect by wires and since there are no options to select they connect automaticly.

  • Wire Repeater
    The one second delay is crutal without it the Re-Team won’t function correctly.

  • Repeater-Relay Wire

  • Relay
    The relay team must be the same as the one that all players are moved to during the Team Prep and the Channel is used later to activate the Re-Team.

  • Relay-Repeater Wire

  • Second Wire Repeater
    This repeater must have the same delay as the other one.

  • Repeater-Teleporter

  • Telporter
    The only change needed for the teleporter is that is is not visible in game and even this is not strictly neccesary.


The Re-Team’s job is to move a player back to their original team.
2 Teams

Team Switcher

Item Granter

  • Passed 3 Team

    CheckerThis checker doesn’t have the channel since it will be activated by the first checker.

Team Switcher

Item Granter

**Team Switcher **

Item Granter


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:, Thanks for the help!

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Nice guide!

If you need anymore help just use @awesomeT43 in a help.

kk, Thanks!

@awsomeT43, I’m a bit confused. so for the team thing, I have an imposter and a crewmate team and you said I need to add one more. would that go in the three teams or the two teams?

For what you are doing you only need two teams, I added the three teams option because the systems have to change significantly from 2 to 3+. Sorry for the confusion.

Why is this a clay-institute post? Isn’t that for things that are unresolved?

Its for questions that could revolutionize Gimkit if solved.

Sorry, I misread twofoursixeight’s guide about tags, :joy: but yes, you are right.


Also, does this do the same thing as this? You might want to credit it if so.

hey @awsomeT43? im creatng a lobby for my map and I want some activity’s for it. can you give me some ideas?

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You could set the game to free for all and give each player a zapper during the pre-game. If you do you can use this little circuit to put everyone back on team 1 once the game starts.



Team Switcher

hey, @awesomeT43 does this choose the teams? or does it adapt

What do you mean?

like in your first step it says something about teams and I already have a team chooser. so do I fix it into your idea or is this different than what I thought

Can you quote the part you’re talking about?


What this is talking about is that Team Prep moves everyone from each team onto the same team so the sorter doesn’t try to sort a player twice. You shouldn’t have to change any of your teams as long as the impostors and cremates are on teams 1 and 2.

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