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how do I show the score of other players on the screen?If that can’t be done, is there some way to let all other players have a waypoint showing if their score is bigger or smaller than the player’s score (I’m making

You can try using a property as the player’s leaderboard score. Set the property to the score of the players. I haven’t really played agario much, so I really can’t help a lot with the specific game design.

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but checking the leaderboard to see if they are bigger than you everytime you encounter a new player is kind of complicated…

do you think players can tell if other players are bigger than them just by looking at thier speed?
edit: maybe not, there are only like 14 speeds and they are hard to tell apart…

I know. This is a very complex topic. Try this:

Change the knockout manager to your property wired to a counter.

You could use a overlay.

I already have an overlay showing your own score, the problem is I need a way to show other player’s score without looking at the leaderboard every single time

I know how to make a leaderboard, I already made the leaderboard sort by the property score


I don’t want to make a k i l streak system, I just want a way to show if OTHER players are bigger or smaller than you (their score)

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To make waypoints point to bigger players, you would need one for each player -1. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend 3,000 memory, I wouldn’t recommend doing this project at all. Sorry :frowning: Try waiting for newer updates and archive the game.

thanks for your help, but I wouldn’t give up that easily (I’ll give up on Sunday)

Oh, you could just use a property, make the leaderboard follow said property (Points or whatever they call em’ in agar) and just remind players in the lobby or tutorial that they should routinely check the leaderboard, which they can also do with “L.” Then you can see all the scores. You can’t do it on the game screen, unfortunetely.

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