Player Knocked Out —> Teleport KNOCKED OUT player Save this Poor Soul

Ok so I’ve been working on this for a while and CANNOT figure it out. I want it so that if ANY player is knocked out, the KNOCKED OUT player is sent to a certain area.

Player Knocked Out —> Teleport KNOCKED OUT player NOT player that did the knocking out!

Please help. Thanks!

Try using a lifecycle instead. They also can teleport players.

Another thing you could do is 1 second after the game starts, it activates a teleporter under the spawn pad. Then the next time a player spawns, they are teleported to the certain area.

Maybe use a trigger set to 1 second

I used the life cycle, but for some reason, the player just respawns….

I set lifecycle to player knocked out —> teleport here…. Not sure why it respawns to the other place…

Also I don’t want to have the teleporter under spawn pad, because I ONLY want them in the area if they are knocked out.

Could you elaborate? Use the trigger for what?

If you want that, then wire a lifecycle to the teleporter game start → deactivate teleporter and then wire the same lifecycle to a trigger to activate it 1 second later. Any questions?

maybe make them change teams, so they don’t respawn at the spawn.

How do you deactivate a teleporter? That is not in the settings or wiring

Try using the guide below:

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I think this will work. Thank you!

Ok so that works, but I also need it to (after 30 seconds), send the gim BACK to each TEAMS coordinating side of board. (It is a dodgeball game). So I would need it to change back to the ORIGINAL team they were on, if that makes sense… Any Ideas?

Use a trigger clock that counts to 30 seconds. When it reaches 30, it relays to 2 different relays, 1 for each team. Each relay is wired to a teleporter, which teleports the team to them.

Will that make it so that each team STAYS the same and doesn’t switch sides? How will it switch teams back to original to know?

The problem here is tracking their original teams. Does re-splitting the teams evenly work?

No, so I think that switching teams is not going to work.

Use a lifecycle.

Sup getrithekd.


I think you’ll need to be a little more descriptive about that.

To do what? I have tried using a lifecycle but that doesn’t work…