Player gadget drop on death

Hello! I was wondering how I could make a gadget drop on death. For example, when the sheriff dies, he drops his weapons. (The sheriff is a player). The only thing I found in settings was resource drop.

Click on the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner and click on map options. Find the items tab and make sure Item Drop is on for Gadgets.


Unfortunately, that did not work…

what @Jeffo showed is how the people can drop their gadget during the game, but unfortunately, there is no way for them to drop their gadget when they die


Is it possible to use a knockout manager for that or can it only spawn inventory items?

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I don’t believe you can use a knockout manager for that, unfortunately.

U can find it in settings if you still need help

you can also try to use knockout manager

But it won’t drop for players to pick up though. It will just disappear.

If the sheriff has a set weapon (that isn’t able to change mid-game), you can (1) have that weapon be granted to the player who knocks out the sheriff (using a knockout manager and item granter) and/or (2) try and find a way for the item to be dropped when a given player is knocked out (still using a knockout manager). I haven’t tested this in detail myself, but that’s how I would try to make it work :]


Whoops! :man_facepalming:

You’re right, I biffed it on this one. Sorry! Gadgets don’t currently drop like other items upon knockout.