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So uhhh, this is kinda complex. But I need to figure out to make it so that when someone dies, it checks their inventory for what they had, then drops it where they died.

For my setup, I used a knockout manager to see when a player has been knocked out. The manager is connected to wire repeaters, (To fit more wires). The wire repeaters are connected to checkers, that are hten connected to vending machines for all the items that will be used in my game

here’s a pic:


I think thats in settings

Add a bunch of inventory item managers and then have them update a bunch of properties for each item in your game that is used. Add a knockout manager. Then wire it to as many item granters as there are of properties. Finally, edit the item granters with block code like this:
grant item custom amount: get property [insert that item's name] repeat that for each one. And done! Let me know if it doesn’t work!

its in settings dude

No it isn’t…

in items i think…

you can make a check for each item that checks when they die, then make a knockout manager and a relay that makes it so if the player has that item, it gets dropped on knocked out player (untested)

I think that my avian friend made a guide for this. Hope this helps!


Wow, that is a lot of stuff connected to just one knockout manager.

Yeah it is in map options at items there are drop behaviors either: keep, delete, or drop

No, there is only delete and keep. Currently, there is no setting for dropping when knocked out.

Hey, guys! I had to log in on another computer lol, but i will fix this right away!

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