Player Counter Issues

I made a murder mystery game, and when the murderer kills everyone, the player counter just starts counting up to infinity.
Any ways to fix this?

We would need to see the system and know more about it.


It is this system:
or here is a screenshot:

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What’s the repeater do?

reset the counter every 0.5 seconds and triggers the relay to increment for every player

My guess at this point is that when the host dies, the repeater stops going and the player counter is never reset.

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how do I fix that?

So you have a game start lifecycle. You then wire that to a relay set to everyone, then run it through a wire repeater set to the team of the murderer. Then hook that up in place of the game start lifecycle.

That’s my guess on how to make it work. I’ll be here in case it doesn’t.

look at the wix (can’t post video’s here)

but it does work now (I just had to refresh) thanks

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