Player Counter Flaw

If a player leaves the game, then the player counter won’t work and break. I think you can fix this by constantly updating the player count, but still.

This is a very well known issue, and the only known fix is a continually updating player counter.

Thanks for pointing it out though!


just use a fast repeater to update constantly

sorry @ClicClac didn’t see you replying

shouldnt this be in Bugs

It’s not really a bug though.

If you only ask the game to count the number of players once, and that number changes ever, of course it’s not going to be accurate!

issue, not bug. ok
thank you

issue, is kind of like a bug if its common, so i would put this as a Bugs.

Instead of that, you update it whenever you need the player counter. This creates less lag.

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Bugs are for things going wrong with GKC itself, not for systems not working. This is just a downside of using this system, not a bug that the devs need to fix.

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