Player counter and end game help

hello pls halp me :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

so i made a last ma standing guide here it is

you could probebly twick it so that it does what you want though

im not a youtuber i cant

Any Google account can post videos on youtube

What about lifecycle β†’ repeater (any type) β†’ trigger (number of people on team 2 = people in game m). If true, end game. You can use the same lifecycle β†’ repeater to get a live player counter to work! Connect a relay (all players) β†’ counter - property, and have the property be global. That should keep track of the people in the game. Finally, you can copy the relay β†’ counter - property setup to keep track of the people on team 2. Just change the relay scope to β€œall players on team 2” and change the name of the property accordingly!

ik but i don’t want to