Player counter and end game help

i used the guide @potato1 posted and it didnt work fsr please help
so basically i want the game to end when all players have been switched to team 2

Can you provide the guide?

So what you’re going to have to do is have a live team counter for both teams. Lifecycle (Game Start) → Trigger loop (>1 second) → relay (all players on team [#]) → counter (with a property for each team). You’ll need 1 of those for each team. Then, a live player counter with the same setup (except all players instead of a team and another property). Finally, you’ll need another trigger loop that compares both Team 1 and Team 2’s properties compared to the player count. Sounds good?


are you referring to this guide?

we can’t help if we dont know what went wrong

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oh yeah thats the guide

this is what i have

this is the blockcode for the trigger

even though there is one player the game still ends

Isn’t that what you want @beluga_whale

don’t you want to end at one player?

no i want it to end at 0

@Beluga_Whale anyways your block code is wrong

so you want it to end when the last player dies?

i only want to end at 0 tho
so i changed the blockcode to =0
not less than or equal to 1

i’m confused.

Put instead,
Get Property “Players”, <1
Broadcast Message On Channel end.
Not less than or equal to just less than (<)

yes i do @CoolGimkitPlayer

are there like senterys that will kill you?

is your relay set to team 2?

Also change the “end game” to “players”

i want the game to end when all players have switched to team2

may I see your relay settings?