Platformer guides? Vote on post 34

Maybe ask on the wix. Save the hassle of the forum.

well i can’t access wix it’s blocked…so can I or no?

I mean some ppl moght flag you bc thats their first go to but maybe just wait for the wiki with the gims to put those gims on the wiki.

wait what what gim wiki?

name shortning is fun my name shortning is Lostsea3 ----> Lost

This one.

Ok, so from looking at the poles once Don’t Look Down Creative comes out we’ll make seprate guides. (Yes I know the second pole was mostly yes, but more expirenced users said No than on Yes, so multiple guides) (Sing this) Problem solved, we solved the problem, the problem is solved, the problem is solved! Woohoo!

Yeah seperate guides are the way to go.

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well first things first we should not decide…someone should ask jeffo…a regular with a good reputation who jeffo would probably answer…as we should not take matters into our own hands…I mean that’s what mods are for making big decisions.
But if you guys disagree then I will not suggest contacting him again…

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Good point, so people I’d think Jeff would respond well to: @GimSolver and @WolfTechnology we have an ask for you. (I’ve never pm’s Jeff in my life, but I’ll do it now as well)

Wait why we asking Jeff about making guides.

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For approval. Just in case because it’s not fully released yet.

No if its on creative we don’t need to ask. Dont bother Jeff.


no about does jeffo think it would be easier, use less mod attention, less clutter, if we used one guide with all the info instead of 10 billion scattered.

It’s on Creative for users with the Season Ticket soon.

wait what???that’s not at all what its about.
its about when dld mechanics come out there is gonna be 10 billion mini-guides basically all the same about how to use it, i don’t mean like how to use dld mechanics to make specific games, I mean on how to use it in general should all be in one guide…dld mechanics for specific games can have own guides.

Its still on Creative. Guys we don’t need Jeff and it doesn’t matter if we have 1 wiki or 10 guides.

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So What WaS THE POInT OF THIS?!?!?!

I think this is for how to make one if you have the season ticket

Idk. You guys are overthinking it. Just make a guide about it. Simple

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