Placing people on teams based on their name

Does anyone know if its possible to create a property or something with someone’s name, and if their name checks to be a certain something, then they get put on a certain team? also, if their name doesn’t check out then they would be a spectator? thank you!

Yes, you can create a property using someone’s name using the “Triggering” player name block. The block code should be Set property “” to "Triggering player’s name.


Hi! Check out this guide for some more info: Backward Bear's Rithekd Clacian Myszian Wavian Haiasian Name Checker System | Difficulty: 🟩

oh. that’s a lot simpler then i thought it would be. thank you!

nevermind navy gave a solution

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Use this for the 2nd question
Fill what you would like into the text boxes. The second channel should be for the team switcher setting a team to spectator.

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