Pixel art helping

I’m learning pixel art and want ideas for stuff to build and when I give final version give me suggestions, and constructive criticism to help me get better at making pixel art.

Credit to @GimNo0b for the idea!
Credit to @WolfTechnology for helping me to learn basic pixel art!

Remember start with small ideas i’m just starting to get the hang of pixel art…
And as I learn pixel art better I will be able to add more to my pixel art guide.


removed art that is reserved for guides

  1. gim
  2. cat
  3. boat
  4. sword
  5. phone
  6. laptop
  7. hotdog
  8. pizza

Ill get to work!

First attempt at gim-now you can seee why i need practice
any constructive criticism? any comments…please?


Its looks good it should probably be mare round/wide on the sides


well i made school breakfast pizza
thats what i looks like…

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Looks tastier than the pizza they serve at my school. :rofl:

Yeah i need help…can somone explain pixel art better? theres just something im not getting.

I think more color diversity by just ever so slightly changing the color and on a larger scale -Someone who knows nothing about pixel art

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You can check out ships guide @legobuilder Custom images with pixel-art in Gimkit Creative! [🟩]

well i want to do it the right way not copy pasting…plus i don’t have a pixel filter or whatever is needed to do it. but thanks.

Well, it is an amazing guide! @Legobuilder I highly recommend it!

heres what i can build easily though


@Legobuilder you have inspired me to start working pixel art also, thank you.


how about this? any comments?

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I like it but I would say making the tip a lighter color and the hilts a different color all together.


Upgrade-godzilla vs mechagodzilla
any comments?


woah that looks sick!! maybe make mechagodzilla’s fingers-(claws? talons? idk) a bit smaller tho.

the gray or blue? because if blue thats the electricity flowing through him as it shows it outside the mecha in the movie and it has electrical punch…the gray are like the grabber arms on a claw machine because thats what his hand looks like.