Picking Up Flag

I don’t know if it’s just my dumb brain, but I have no clue how to make it so you pick up flags. I tried going over the flag to pick it up and I used a button but still nothing. Can someone help?

check the team.

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press the enter key on your keyboard

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You are in game, right?

Make sure the team that the flag people can pick up is the opposite. So make it so people on team 1 can only pick up team 2 flag.

Take a screenshot please. Also check you are using the right flag (in DEVICES, not props)

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probably, why else would they ask for help?

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Just in case they were trying to pick it up when they were in the lobby or something. As an accident.

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Oh Okay!

I’m standing over the flag:

have you refreshed the screen?

And with a button doesn’t work either:

I’ll try and see if it works

It didn’t work. Also, how do you know what team you’re on?

in the leader board I think.


Also i’m gonna be doing something so if I don’t reply that’s why.

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Ah. I see. The flag belongs to Team 1 and I’m Team 1. Thanks.

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