Pain ball safe to make

You don’t have to delete it, just edit it out. I can still help with the mechanics by telling you what to do

my bad and why cant you send links or code?

The closest thing to a paintball may be a slingshot or wooden wand. You can use that as your paintball.
@Haiasi , how much damage does it do? Multiply that amount by 10 and set that to your starting health in the map settings. Make sure you don’t have any shield points.

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how would paintball mechs’ work?

What mechanics do you need help with? There isn’t a device yet that can track damage, but you can vote on Josh’s new community-poll What should our next device be?
and vote the damage modifier.
For now, you can read this message:

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How much damage does one hit from a wooden wand do?

What rarity?

I think 32 for legendary.

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Make the starting health 320 then and give everyone legendary wooden wands


The damage for the legendary one is 36 and you can only input the starting health in this pattern:
1, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and so on with 2,000/2,000 being max health
So, the best you can do is 350 health.

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What are the damages for the others?

Common: 20 (200 health to die on the 10th hit)
Uncommon: 24
Rare: 28
Epic: 32
Legendary: 36

Wait, you could just have a property named “deaths” and everytime you die block code runs like so:

If property (deaths) < 9
Then set property (deaths) 
Value property (deaths) + 1
Else broadcast message on channel (spectator)

Make everybody one hit kills and when receiving on spectator, they switch to spectator.

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Yeah, and you could make everybody 1 health