Pack A Punch Machine (COD Zombies Game)

Ok so yes, another bit of something for my Cod Zombies map. I do not know how to make a Pack A Punch machine for weapons and a Teleporter to get to Pack A Punch and other areas.

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What does the pack a punch machine do?

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Here is a guide on all the props @Coffee has made on COD.

In case you don’t know, it’s in Cod Zombies used to increase weapon damage and increases magazine size

There isn’t a magazine size upgrade, but you can upgrade the player’s weapon level.

there is for the zapper, the higher it is the more damage and rounds it has.
It starts at 12 then 14 then 16 then 18 then 20.


The best you can do is changing weapon rarities, or wait around for the damage modifier to come out.

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I never knew that. The zapper has 2 unique features now:
Hold click to rapid fire
Upgrades increase rounds

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Yeah, your learn new stuff every day.

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It applies for slingshots and snowball launchers as well.

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Yes them too.

That is for Perk Machines. I needed working Pack A Punch

P.M.Ls work as well I think.

Can you show me a photo of one, I can recreate it for you.

I dont think PML’s do.

Um ok, you may have not played the game but there is a mag size upgrade.

Yeah so use, snowbrawl launchers, Zappers, and slingshots.

All weapons increase damage with rarity, but only some weapons increase max ammo over rarities.

Here’s a picture, I’m hoping to make it a working PAP machine.
Screenshot 2023-10-03 2.24.46 PM


yeah, look at this guide @Cod_Zombies for every weapon stat and fact.