Overlay won't show

The overlay won’t show for the player. (only for host) Any ideas to fix it?

Are you activating it with a lifecycle?

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insert a relay if using a lifecycle

No, with a property (when changed).

insert a relay or check your overlay scope


Make the Game Overlay visibility scope ‘global’ then or wire the property to a Relay (All Players) and then the Relay to the Game Overlay?


I’ll try.

That didn’t work @Haiasi

change the scope to global

I already did.

visibility scope?


then make it so what is supposed to go to the overlay goes to a relay set to everyone and then wire that to the overlay

That’s what @Haiasi said, and it didn’t work.

can you show us all the settings so we can look for mistakes?

Here’s what the setup look like -


device settings please

@Foxy, I just did that.