Overlay won't show

I posted that before you did

Whatever, here’s the code

If you have nothing entered into the box that says overlay text the overlay will not show
At the start of the game


It does for the host, though.

Set the content scope in the overlay to global

I’m making a hunger bar, so it won’t work if I set the content scope to global

How are you updating the overlay?
Like channels and what device(s) is broadcasting the channel to update the overlay?

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Block code

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A vending machine and trigger

Is it a trigger loop that is updating the overlay constantly?

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@Cellofive , I was experiencing technical difficulties Animated GIF

Yes it is. Gtg, bye!

Is the property scope also global?

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Did you use a relay?


No, I didn’t use a relay.

The property scope is player.

Switch that to global, so it changes for everyone. That’s what you want, right?
As long as the overlay visibility scope is global, that should fix it to be what you want.