Only one team can identify there teamates

I want team one to easily be able to tell who there teamates are without the other team being able to.

Turn on ally indicators in map settings under teams.

But would that work for only one team?

Yes. Only your teammates will have green names. Everyone who isn’t will have white, normal names.
You can also turn on enemy indicators and then everyone else will have red names instead of normal ones. Team two will have the same thing

Thank you, I didnt think map settings would have a solution to my problem

Wait, I just tried it. that is not exactly what i meant.

Just rereading, do you want one team to be able to see each other as on a team and every other team to not?

Sorry about the confusion

I meant that only one team should have ally indicators, so the other team doesn’t know who their teamates are

Yes that is it (filling the character limit)

But how would i do that? i thought of text, but text cant follow the player, nor can anything else

The only thing that can are waypoints

Give me a minute to design a system but i think i can get it to work

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I was actually looking some things up and i think slightly modifying this guide should work

Change the relay to broadcast to only people on team 1 and change the scope of all the waypoints to team. If this doesn’t work then I’ll have to figure some other things out

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Thanks, I think this just might work. I might have to make more changes than you stated for my situation but it should work.

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