"On the Nature Series" Collection [WIP]

Yeah but we still got everything done and rerouted ourselves back to the topic (look through the bitwise operations post to see what I mean). At least that’s how it was in August, when I joined. Now, however, it’s just some regulars telling people to get back on topic, instead of the off topic posters getting back on topic themselves.

I think the main reason we ever went back on topic was because of the fear of getting banned. Any time that fear disappears, the off-topic posts skyrocket. Take the multiple 1000-post chats that have been made.


I don’t know then. I’m basing my judgements off of August. I’m pretty sure that’s we got back on topic because we actually wanted to advance everything.

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I see that. I was basing my judgments off of June-July, when the community was still building itself, and everyone was wildly off-topic.


Bumpity bumpity BUMP!

Please wait around two weeks to bump my guides.

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two weeks is 14 days and this was bumped 26 days later


yeah @ClicClac … it is way past 2 weeks. It was nearly a month later

Oh. It felt like a couple of hours. My bad!


I think the On The Nature series was discontinued due to the fact that originally they were made to bring light to devices that were rarely used, and now they’re just made so that the creator could feel special and good.


To be honest, I don’t like the way that the series is going. It has become the next generation of low quality like farming posts, instead of being a niche treasure trove of knowledge on a few little-known, complex, or little-used devices. The vending machine? Used in almost every game. The camera zone ? It has no settings or wires . The trigger? It’s in contention for the most popular device. However, I have no control over this series at this point. If you want to add it, do it. In my vision of this, there weren’t any rules on how to make a guide. There were only guides that people made that were quality and were made with love. The format doesn’t matter. The content is what I’m concerned about. Like, 90% of the know-how is contained in a dying population of people, ad the other 10% is things that no one will probably ever use, like wire are, or among us shaped rooms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at fault here too, but the vast amount of users doing things like this is not healthy to the lifespan of the forums. Also, the prominent leaders that have been coming up in the so-called “New” Era (the New Era is defined as after August), are not really pulling their weight. Sure, there are a few people who just want to learn about GKC, but the vast majority are either here to ask very simple questions, or to chat. This isn’t May of 2023, people. The forum isn’t a few weeks old and GKC only a month older than that. GKC and the forums are months old, and people are still asking the same questions like they did back in May. That’s normal, but now, the recourses to educate yourself are right there!
I hope you have a good night. Thank you.


Stop this! You’re turning the community into a toxic place. And also, to be honest, the nature series finished many months ago! @Jon_Gon’s nature series guide has already been flagged. Let this drop.

Let it rest.

Honestly, he’s totally right. While there are certainly issues with some of his other posts and arguments, he’s absolutely right in saying all of this and I agree with and support it. I still don’t understand why there is a guide for explaining the camera zone device, or why a guide on wire art exists.


I don’t see how he did anything wrong.
If anything, please focus on yourself instead of lashing out on others.
If you think he did something wrong, don’t reply to him and continue the discussion, just report it to the mods if you think he did something wrong. Don’t focus on other people, if you’re doing fine and following the rules, that’s all you can do, don’t worry about others.

Yeah, I agree, but the thing is, most of this series was made a long time ago.
We forum people from May-November came to a verdict that we would stop making these a while back.
The only breach of that was Jon_Gon’s now flagged and taken down post.
It is, for the most part, a closed discussion now.