On the Nature of a Button: A Comprehensive Study on the Button’s Biology and Its Place in the Community

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Image of wild button


An interesting creature in the Especial genus and the Amoveo family, the button shows such characteristics as are correspondent to the Especial genus, as they are the devices that do not relate to any other devices. The button has a green head “button” which can be “pressed” by Gims. The green head button will become orange when the button goes dormant (deactivated). The base of the button is a light grey, meant to camouflage with the rocky background of their natural habitat. When a Gim nears a button, a small extension screen will appear in front of the Gim. The Gim can choose to “press” the screen, which will lead to other things later mentioned. Buttons have a unique ability to go invisible. This enables the Gim to interact with the extension screen but they are not able to see the button. Buttons take up 50 memory, averaging somewhere in the middle of devices. When in a map, the carrying capacity of the button population is 300 buttons.

Main Use

Buttons are used to connect Gims with other devices. When Gims press on the button’s extension screen, they enable a connection to the linked device.

Differences in the Population

Since buttons are malleable, they have many different genetic variations such as:

  1. Button Message. This is the message that the Gims sees on the extension screen.
  2. When button pressed, transmit on. This is the channel that the button can transmit on when the Gim presses the extension screen.
  3. Visibility. Controls whether the button is visible.
  4. Interaction Duration. How long does the Gim have to interact with the screen for it to transmit to another device?
  5. Active on Game Start. Is the button able to be pressed whe the game begins?
  6. Activate button when receiving on. What channel activates the button?
  7. Deactivate button when receiving on. What channel deactivates the button?
  8. Active Scope. Who does this button get activated and deactivated for?

Interactions with Other Devices

There are many, many different types of interactions of buttons with other devices. Since buttons can both start and end a wire vine, the possibilities are endless. Here are a couple of examples of common button-device relationships.


Pressing the invisible button’s screen will link the Gim to a popup, which will provide them with information.


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cool guide and this would be a massive wip due to the amount of uses a button can have

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Nice guide!
I love the descriptive details within the headers.

You could include some sort of “symbiosis” to show different device-relationships with the button.


Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

Symbiosis is defined as a close, prolonged association between two or more different biological device species. This relationship can be symbiotic (mutualistic), where both parties involved benefit from the interaction, or it can be parasitic, where one party benefits while the other is harmed.

Button-Device symbiosis examples
  • Button —> Popup (already in the guide ik, just wanna add a description suggestion)

The Button and Popup both benefit from each other in their symbiosis.
Once the button is pressed, it pops up a tiny little screen to give the player information.
Sometimes when a Button and Popup breed together, the Button’s genes can transfer to the Popup as a Call-To-Action button on the popup’s screen.


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You also should add one On the Nature of a Trigger
Cool Guide though!!!

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This series was supposed to expose less-known devices to the forums, so ClicClac decided not to do the trigger (I suggested it and it got denied).

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I got a picture for the button:
Screenshot 2024-01-18 10.24.20 AM
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