On off switch help?

is it possible to make a on off switch?

Yes, make a button that turns it on (activates the item), then make another button that turns it off. Here, use these two guides. , Guide 2 to make it turn on and off, just don’t use an arcade machine for it.

if you mean for like a prop or barrier, you just place a trigger or button. Then you wire it to the prop or barreir and click when trigger is triggered, or button is pressed, hide prop or deactive barrier.

Thank you I’m trying a way based off that and will post a pic with and hit solution when done

That’s good! Good luck with your map!

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This Is how i did it It makes one button deactivate after the other so you can make lots of props turn on and off

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yep Just like I said, it will hide or show the prop when activated.

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So funny story That didn’t work this is the new version but it only works once
Does anyone know why

what do you mean once? like you can only hide the prop not show it?

It will hide the prop and then you can make it show the prop
But it stops working after that

ok, so it only works if you do it for every prop seperatly, if you have it as a repeater to repeat that code, it is the block code in the repeater that is crashing the code, can you send a screen shot of the block code for the repeater.

There is no repeater

There is a wire repeater but those don’t have block code

There are 5 repeaters, at least thats what i call them, they allow the code to be repeated more than once.
Screenshot 2023-10-19 10.22.51 AM

those are wire repeater and they don’t take block code

My bad, im thinking of the wrong device. How embarassing…

Na its cool we all make mistakes

Well let me see if i can try the same sanareo and see if it crashes as well, if it does not i can tell you how to do it.

Ok thanks ill be waiting

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