On off switch help?

You can probably use channels to activate and deactivate the props instead of wires.

I recorded a video of the code i used to hide and show text, you also need repeaters to make the function possible. Im having difficulty uploading it so please give me one molment.

What are you trying to turn off?

If your talking about lasers than you can probably do this by simply linking a button and a laser and check marking these options,

you need to add repeaters to your function @Billybanana so when the turn on section is complete wire a repeater to the wire repeater and then do the same for the turn off section. then set the time for how long befor it will hide after it is shown and how long it will show after it was hidden.

well its not a timed thing. I need it to be able to turn on and off at the players leisure

Then use a zone.

Try using Checkers and Counters/Properties to get what you’re looking for

there are too many different things to do that

Does it work?

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nope it doesnt. Oof im sad

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This is what i have currently

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but you can only turn it on and then turn it off. After that it breaks

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Wow, do you need all those triggers?

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Its only 2 triggers but everything is essential
And it still only works once

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So i traded out triggers for wire repeaters and it started working, I dont know if it will keep working but imma do some more testing and will get back to yall in a second
It woooooorked

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