Old guide no longer needed

Regular build

Place a barrier make it black and set alpha in appearance settings to 100 and turn off the border. Make it look like this.
Add more barriers but make it look like this
add a snowpile (any type) and make it black and flip it upside down onto the arm
do it to both arms
Add snowman without arms and make it black and copy it so it seems to have fingers
Now add more bariers for legs

GIve it feet using a sign turned black

And add more signs so it looks like toes

Now add another barrier for a tail

Then add more signs around it to look like a tail

Now give it a barrier for a neck

Now give it two black signs for a head

Give it a small circle barrier yellow-orange-or red

and you have a quick godzilla build, this is not the best I can build but I’m not giving you my advanced build to copy, this is a template, make your own godzilla!!
To make it shoot beam just add your own beam and make the signs turn blue on its tail and its eye.

Animation here

You use wire repeaters connected to whatever will activate it…I’m going to use a button.
Connect a button(or whatever will activate an animation) to a wire repeater

Then have it set to 1 second delay and it deactivates every part of the arm and to connect to another wire repeater

Then make the arm again but a little higher and have the button conenct to another wire repeater with no delay that activates the second arm.(make sure the second arm has all of it where it does not show up on game start)

Now keep raising and moving the arm where the wire repeaters activate the current and deactivate the last arm…and you have an animation of its arm moving…this way can be used to make the arms move, legs and feet move, head move, have it look like its walking, and the tail to move.

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this is me and wolftech recording a animation i made
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Remember this is template for you to make your own type…im not giving my own godzilla build for you to copy…make your own using this!
More to come soon!
That is old game c0de and cannot be used.

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Nice guide! I suggest putting it here. The only thing I really know about Godzillla is The man in the suit, lol :slight_smile:

i was just boutta ask about that code there
Other than that…ATOMIC BREATH

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Atomic breath, animation soon…also the animation could turn into a comic book! like use godzilla animations in tiny bursts on pages to make a comic book!


Animation added…how do i make a small clip of a animation in a reply or in the guide?

Hello can somone tell me? because screenshot recordings do not work for me!

I have no idea. I copy and paste my screen shots because they automatically copy to my clipboard. I’ve never tried videos.

This is amazing! Nice guide! :rofl:

Thanks! it was a quick guide templete…

@WolfTechnology do you know how i can insert a short video clip of my godzilla animation? to put in here?

yes, it needs to be a gif, so just record you screen and upload it as a gif under 4mb. it would be in the file of your computer. if you need me to help record it, let me know.

can you post it on the main padlet, karma’s one

um ok, sure i will get on now.

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@Legobuilder here.



Your welcome.

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This is great!

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Now for meme time from the first godzilla
“Godzilla! RUN!”

woah, these look awesome! i hope gimkit adds keyframes one day, so then we can actually make animations.

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