Ok so i need some ideas :0

I dont know how to make it not public

little ominous touch :slight_smile:


or just don’t put your name at all :slight_smile:


ok this is getting off topic please focus on the request


abandoned hospital/asylum-themed game.
you have to escape from a crazy mad doctor

also, add LOTS of lore.

making lore is always fun, and also just really like it.


Dementia is one thing that you could base your horror game on, it’s scary no matter how you put it, as long as the basic idea of “You slowly and brutally forget all your memories, before you inevitably forget that you forgot” stays.

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oh that is a cool idea

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What do you mean by that?
If you’re talking about @Gimkit101 's post, ours are completely different.
Also, I get that you’re not trying to be rude, but you’re coming off as rude. Maybe change the wording? It would be best if you didn’t get flagged.


yeah your right ty for your suggestion


Which of my posts do you mean, @I_Like_Props? Also, can u guess who invited @AustinReaves?

The welcome one.
And you? (i looked it up XD)

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Nope, I’m going for the lore one.
By the way ty for the site


No problem. You’ll have to show people examples of your lore and get someone else to nominate you, though.



The welcomer award sounds a bit like a lot of clutter award, no offense.

I recommend if your gonna go for that, if your gonna welcome, atleast help contribute to the current help topic. (Yes, I know you did, I_Like_Props)


Also btw I might j0in gimstream. Kinda interested.


Question: For the Mountaineer award, are you allowed to have any parameters you want on the screen before the server is generated? (eg. energy from a question)


It must be between 1K and 5K energy. I’ll add that to the award description tomrrw.

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